GRAND Learning

Place-Based Great Lakes Stewardship Education for Mid-Michigan

What is the GRAND Learning Network?

The GRAND Learning Network is a stewardship initiative that uses place-based education to give youth, teachers, and communities in Mid-Michigan tremendous opportunities to learn and grow in their appreciation of our locale. Our core group of teacher leaders will help us create change in local schools by providing professional development opportunities for other teachers and community volunteers from the headwaters region of the Grand River and Great Lakes watershed.

What is "place-based education"?

Place-based learning may mean different things for every person, group, or community. But regardless of your group, affiliation, career, or profession, "place-based learning is rooted in what IS local – the unique history, environment, culture, economy, literature, and art of a particular place" (The Rural School and Community Trust, 2007).

If you are an educator, you focus on your local community, working with your community members as resources and partners, providing hands-on, inquiry-based, real-world experiences for your students, and using community needs and interests for student work.

If you are a business owner, place-based learning may provide you an opportunity to connect with your community by giving support to place-based learning initiatives or projects in schools, nature centers, or local organizations. This may also increase people’s awareness about how your business contributes to the uniqueness of your community.

If you are an angler, place-based learning may give you a chance to share your knowledge about your watershed and your passion to others.

If you are a kid, place-based learning brings you outdoors and allows you to experience your community, your locale, your PLACE.
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